How skin sags: A new wrinkle in gravity’s pull

How skin sags: A new wrinkle in gravity’s pull.

At a certain age, gravity is the enemy, and when it comes to sagging skin, Newton’s Law gets complicated. Contrary to the long-held notion that facial skin is a connected mass that all wilts together, findings published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reveal that our faces actually comprise several unconnected fat compartments that shift and deflate at different rates. The nonuniformity causes skin to wrinkle as we age. Researchers injected dye into cavities of faces and were startled to find that coloring sifted into separate spaces. “This changes how we look at facial aging,” researcher Joel Pessa says. Exciting news for future face-lift clients: The discovery will alter the, ahem, face of surgical rejuvenation. “Current face-lift procedures—pull up and lift—will drastically change, as will the way we reshape faces using fillers,” researcher Rod Rohrich explains. “Now we know to inject specific areas for measured responses.”

Like New

Not ready for surgery? Check out these other options.

  • Retinol Cream

Pro: Reduces wrinkles and age spots, and makes skin appear smoother.

Con: Must be used continuously and long-term to be effective.

  • Botox

Pro: Treats deep folds caused by muscle overactivity. Little recovery period.

Con: Effects are temporary. Can interfere with facial expression.

  • Laser Resurfacing

Pro: Diminishes appearance of scars and moderate to deep wrinkles. Improves skin pigmentation.

Con: Continued post-op skin care and daily sunscreen wear is necessary.

Playing the Field

The face of a sports star

Goalies and forwards get the best action—both on and off the field. Rating head shots of unfamiliar pro soccer and hockey players, women in one study found these players to be more attractive than their teammates.

Knowing that facial beauty indicates healthy genes, Dutch researchers wondered if particularly adaptive athletic traits might shine through in players’ mugs. Endurance, strength, and speed are common among athletes, but agility and “athletic intelligence”—qualities arguably needed most by goal scorers and goaltenders—are added bonuses, and they may be reflected in players’ looks, says lead author Justin Park.

The researchers don’t exclude the possibility that hot men gravitate to these positions like cute lead singers hogging a spotlight—or that coaches give starring roles to handsome players. According to Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist not affiliated with the study, these studs’ increased self-confidence may push them to strive for high-glory positions. Coaches in turn look for arrogance, even cockiness, in a goalkeeper or forward, says Tim Vom Steeg, head coach for the UC Santa Barbara men’s soccer team. Why? “Often, the game comes down to a five-second moment where the player believes he can save the team or score.”

When asked if those players are the most handsome, Vom Steeg chuckles. “Italy’s forwards always make the cover of GQ.”

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