Women ‘feel most beautiful aged 32’

Women feel most beautiful aged 32, a survey has reportedly found.

Almost 40 per cent women reportedly said they were at their most attractive at the age. Among celebrities turning 32 this year are Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sophie Dahl and Liv Tyler.

Many reportedly explained that at 32 their life had the mix of confidence gained from life experience, an active love life and the pleasure of eating and drinking sensibly.

Dr Sandra Wheatley, a psychologist, told the Daily Mail that the survey’s findings were “really encouraging” and indicated that women placed value on life achievements as well as youthful looks.

She told the newspaper: “It sounds to me like women are becoming much more swayed by personality. It’s a sign that we are valued for who we are and what we are capable of, not just what is on the surface.

“Feeling beautiful is tied in with confidence and life experience. At 32, a woman has been through and survived more experiences and achieved more than at 22.

“Women can be their own worst enemy, scrutinising each other’s weight and wrinkles. But this is a really encouraging study that beauty is more than skin deep.”

The survey of 1,500 women was carried out via the internet by a mineral water company.

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