Breast Implants Help a Rare Heart Condition

What would you do — total panic notwithstanding — if doctors were to find your heart beating under your kidney? In a case so rare it has no medical name — but is being described only as “a floating heart,” — a Florida woman’s heart was found to be shifting around in her body. Doctors found it stuck in her rib cage under her kidney. According to news reports, the 35-year-old woman’s right lung had been removed long ago, leaving space for her heart in which to wander around. Having never seen the condition before, physicians were at a loss to come up with a treatment. One doctor said the patient was the only person in the world with the disorder. The treatment? Breast implants!

It required a four and one-half hour operation, but breast implants — used in the standard breast augmentation procedure — filled the space where the lung used to be and holds the heart in the correct position.

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