After disfiguring accident, surgeons resculpt woman’s face

One year ago, Erin McCormick was run over by a boat. The propeller shredded her face.

“If you think about cutting yourself with a knife, think about cutting yourself with a knife a thousand times a minute, which is what a propeller is doing,” said Dr. Pablo Prichard, Medical Director for Plastic Surgery at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital.

“A lot of what we did was more tedious work, putting little tiny fragments of bone back together, putting little snippets of muscles back together, as well as all the nerves that were cut,” he said.But they also needed to prevent paralysis and restore feeling to Erin’s face.”There are so many different complex natures i n the face that gives it much more complexity than, say, an elbow joint,” said Dr. Prichard.

Doctors used a new protective collagen shell. They place it around severed nerve fragments in the face to protect them from scarring, which can get in the way of nerves growing bac k.”The body is trying to scar internally from the outside and constrict on the nerve that’s being repaired. This basically is protecting that nerve from the body itself, so it gives it the best chance possible to have a functional recovery,” said Dr. Prichard.

One year later, Erin can feel every sm ile and frown, and loves what she sees in the mirror.”Most people don’t even believe me when I tell them what happened. They’re like, oh, you look great! I kind of agree with them,” she said.

Erin has had 19 surgeries, and she still has more ahead to fully repair her arm that was also damaged. Her experience has inspired her to pursue a career in nursing.

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