Inexperienced Plastic Surgeons Are Deadly

We have warned on a number of occasions of the dangers of cut-price plastic surgery which has led to serious disfigurement and even death in some cases. Very often this cut-price cosmetic surgery is performed in poorer countries which have less regulation and cheaper running costs but recent reports showed that even in the UK some clinics are cutting corners and performing a whole range of surgical procedures very cheaply with often less than satisfactory results.

Inexperienced Plastic Surgeons Are Deadly

The issue has now got to the point where The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has stepped in and said legislation must be enacted to prevent unscrupulous and under qualified surgeons from operating in the UK. Some very recently qualified surgeons but who have very little experience are lured by the glamour and easy money of being a plastic surgeon and woo customers with glossy brochures and expensive looking waiting rooms.

Despite the appearance that TV programs such as Dr 90210 give, having a breast augmentation is in fact a very complicated medical procedure which has a whole lot of risks involved. Experienced and qualified reconstructive plastic surgeons like Dr Rey have warned that even pediatricians and heart surgeons are now trying their hand at a whole range of procedures such as breast lifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty and even butt lifts.

You must always check the credentials of a plastic surgeon and you should never be embarrassed to ask questions and check-up on qualifications. Be extremely wary of very cheap prices or clinics in remote areas which are not close to properly equipped hospitals. There are some things which are worth economising on but when it comes to your health you must not cut corners and you should only demand the best.

Remember that some people’s lives have been ruined with botched plastic surgery and that in some cases patients have ended up dead!

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