More Men Choosing Liposuction

More men looking for a toned appearance are turning to cosmetic surgery as a way to help improve on their own fitness efforts. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Tantillo ( says liposuction for men is on the rise as many more men seek out these procedures to correct problem areas and emphasize muscle tone.”Men are finding out that liposuction gives them a way to take control of their body shape and look fitter by targeting fat that has more to do with genetics than with their real fitness level,” Dr. Tantillo explains. “Today more men know what liposuction can do, and when they find out how fast and effective the procedure can be, more of them are stepping up and deciding to make those changes.”Dr. Tantillo is not alone in seeing increased interest; new statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveal that liposuction alone accounted for over 40,000 male cosmetic surgery procedures in the US in 2009.”Liposuction in particular is so popular partly because it’s so versatile,” Dr. Tantillo explains. “It can be used for love handles, male breast correction, and sculpting of the abdominal area. Men are finding out that cosmetic surgery in Boston can help them in many ways, and they come to me for advice.”

Dr. Tantillo says that in particular more men are deciding on cosmetic surgery to correct gynecomastia, a condition where men develop excess breast tissue. It can be caused by genetics, medications, or weight gain. Male breast reduction is the only option for many men who want to correct this condition, and new technologies have simplified the surgical process.

“Treatment areas such as the abdomen and the pectoral area tend to contain more fibrous tissue,” explains Dr. Tantillo. “Fortunately, these days we have technologies like ultrasonic-assisted liposuction that can break up fat in these areas more easily with less discomfort.”

These new technologies also mean that in many cases where male breast reduction patients might have had to undergo a combination of liposuction and traditional surgery, liposuction is now enough to correct the problem completely.

“Some patients will still need some glandular tissue removed surgically, but these new liposuction methods for Boston men allow a high degree of precision without involving a lot of bruising to nearby muscular tissue,” he explains. “No matter what cosmetic surgery procedure they’re considering, men are taking a hard look at cosmetic surgery and I expect my male patient base to continue expanding in the coming year.”

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