Why Do People Care About Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

Virtually every week the gossip magazines and shows are profiling another star who is believed to have plastic surgery. More often than not, the speculation is correct; as these media outlets often contact reputable plastic surgeons to complete a visual comparison to confirm what they believe.

This week, Megan Fox is the one who is being speculated about as people feel they’re looking at a very different person in her new movie Jonah Hex compared to her appearance in the Transformers franchise movies.

Whether or not Megan Fox has had cosmetic surgery isn’t really relevant, the real question is why do people care so much? Celebrities, for many of us represent the ideal, or in the very least, we look at them like we would a soap opera. We analyze celebrity plastic surgery both to consider if it’s something we would do ourselves, and if so what the results may be. We also criticize them for taking things too far and look at them like looking into a fish bowl.

For celebrities like Megan Fox, who has clearly not have a negative experience with cosmetic procedures, we want to know the truth to make informed decisions. Plastic surgery is still something that’s not talked about when it’s done, so the general public rarely has a chance to see what results are like on ordinary people!

If more people begin admitting to plastic surgery, celebrities or not, there wouldn’t be so much curiosity or speculation; individuals could see the results and consider their own future with plastic surgery from learning from other’s experiences.

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