Featured in Oprah’s “O” Magazine this month, the UltraShape system’s new RFVac accessory has received European regulatory approval.

The UltraShape® Contour I system provides non-invasive body contouring using focused ultrasound reduce the appearance of spotty fat deposits. During treatment, fat cells are targeted while important surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels, nerves and connecting tissues remain unharmed. Featured in this month’s O Magazine, UltraShape requires no down time nor recovery period so that you can go straight back to work.

Developers launched a new machine, the Contour I™ ver3, in January of this year. Featuring a multi-application platform, this device added the RFVac accessory that enables physicians to combine both radio frequency and vacuum capabilities improving the effectiveness and consistency of the results. The RFVac prepares the tissue before the ultrasound treatment and accelerates the clearance of fat following the treatment, all in a single session avoiding the need to switch machines mid-treatment.

UltraShape is not yet FDA approved in the US but the manufacturer is pursuing it. The treatment is currently cleared for use in 57 countries, and patients report that sessions are relatively painless. According to O Magazine, Canadian dermatologist Dr. Mark Lupin says patients report, “just a slight tingly sensation.” Patients typically undergo three treatments, spaced two weeks apart, and are able to see results about a month after each. “On average, patients ultimately see about a two-inch reduction in circumference in the treated area,” said Dr. Lupin. “And we’ve seen as much as three inches.”

According to UltraShape CEO Assaf Eval, “Recent clinical tests conducted on behalf of UltraShape show that the use of the RFVac module both before and after UltraShape’s focused ultrasound treatment enhances circumference reduction while ensuring patient satisfaction and safety.”

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