Beware of Cosmetic Surgery Scams

In tough economic times, many people are searching out deals for plastic surgery procedures in an attempt to keep the cost within their budget. However, many of the providers offering “discount” services are not truly qualified to perform the procedure. Often this can result in serious injuries to the patient.

Recently, two sisters in Southern California were arrested on suspicion of medical malpractice after allegedly running an illegal cosmetic filler business. Both sisters were practicing without a license. Police have received reports from several victims claiming that the fillers used in their treatment had hardened into solid plastic, resulting in serious infections. The fillers were primarily administered in the face and buttocks.

“Cosmetic surgery scams like the one recently uncovered in the Los Angeles area underscore the importance of working with a board certified plastic surgeon,” says Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Leo Lapuerta of The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas. “By choosing a board certified plastic surgeon, you can be confident that your surgeon has undergone the most rigorous training and has the extensive experience necessary to help you achieve exceptional results with the highest levels of safety.”

To ensure that your procedure is performed safely and skillfully, you should seek out a surgeon who has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of either the American Society of Plastic Surgery or the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In order to receive board certification, surgeons must undergo several years of advanced training in the field of plastic surgery and pass challenging, comprehensive exams which test their knowledge of the best plastic surgery practices available. By working with a board certified plastic surgeon, patients can be certain that they will not fall victim to cosmetic surgery scams.

About The Plastic Surgery Institute of South East Texas

The Plastic Surgery Institute of South East Texas is run by Dr. Leo Lapuerta, a triple board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in procedures that will enhance the breast, body, and facial regions. Dr. Lapuerta has three offices in the Houston, Texas area: Silverlake Professional Center in Pearland, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Houston, and Southeast Memorial Hospital in Houston.

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