Canada 15th most popular for plastic surgery

Canadian physicians performed the 15th most cosmetic surgery procedures in 2009, according to the first detailed survey of international plastic surgery data released Monday.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conducted a yearlong survey in the top 25 countries where cosmetic surgery is most popular, and found that the United States remains the top spot for plastic surgery. But, the survey also revealed new centres not usually associated with the procedures, such as China, Brazil, India and Mexico, which rounded out the top five.

The survey also revealed that the number of non surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons actually topped surgical procedures, which the ISAPS suggests might be a reflection of advances in surgical techniques and a desire by people for cheaper alternatives.

There were an estimated 8,759,187 non-surgical procedures performed in 2009, plus approximately 8,536,379 surgical procedures. The numbers do not reflect the number of non-surgical procedures conducted by non-surgeons.

The survey also revealed that breast augmentation, believed to be the most popular surgical procedure, now trails liposuction 18.8 per cent to 17 per cent, as the most popular surgery. Other popular cosmetic surgeries were eye lifts, nose jobs and tummy tucks.

Nearly a third of all non-surgical procedures were toxins or neuromodulators injections, such as Botox.

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