Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

When having plastic surgery it is extremely important to ask appropriate questions of the surgeon. In many cases, patients who have a poor outcome after the procedure find out later that the doctor had no training in plastic surgery.

To prevent poor outcomes, it is especially important to make sure the surgeon you choose has the appropriate credentials and experience to perform the procedure. It is also helpful if the surgeon performs the procedure frequently, as that has been shown to contribute to the final outcome.

Questions To Ask Before Plastic Surgery:
Why is this procedure the best one for me, rather than a similar one?

Are you board certified in plastic surgery?

How frequently do you perform this procedure?

Do you have any patients who are surgeons?

Do you have before & after photos of your work?

If you couldn’t perform my surgery, who would you recommend?

Are you involved in teaching/education of residents or credentialed plastic surgeons?

What type of anesthesia will be used?

How can I lower my risk of scarring? What can you do to lower my risk of scarring?

Will I be able to go home once I wake from surgery?

Will my surgery be performed in a surgery clinic or a hospital?

How long will the benefits of surgery last? Are the results permanent?

How long can I expect to be away from work/normal activity?

Will I have visible swelling or bruising that may prevent me from returning to work?

Can this procedure be repeated or reversed?

How much will the procedure cost in total, including anesthesia, lab tests and any other costs.

What are the most common complications of this surgery?

How can I expect my appearance to be improved by the procedure?

What is a realistic expectation regarding the outcome of the surgery?

What additional costs can I expect if I have to remain in the hospital overnight?

Is there a payment plan or financing available?

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