Jane Fonda Talks to Oprah About Plastic Surgery, Anti-Aging Workout, Lindsay Lohan

What does 72-year-old screen legend Jane Fonda see when she looks in the mirror?

“Good work!” the age-defying actress told Oprah Winfrey in a revelatory hour on her talk show Oct. 27.

Fonda revealed that, after famously swearing off getting any more plastic surgery in 2000, she decided to go under the knife this year because her aging visage did not reflect how she felt inside.

So, she had her chin tightened and the bags under her eyes removed.

“I got tired of walking by mirrors and saying, ‘Who’s that?'” she shared of her decision, adding that after having the surgery, “I had to be open about it. I did that on my blog. I feel better.”

The fitness queen, dressed in a gray cashmere sweater, coordinating flared pants, and high-heeled booties, attributed her still-buff physique to an active lifestyle that includes “abs, buns, and thighs” floor work from her retro workout videos, plus hiking, fly-fishing, and living-room ballroom dancing sessions with her boyfriend, music producer Richard Perry.

“‘Dancing With the Stars’ will be calling,” Winfrey predicted after Fonda and Perry busted a few moves in a taped segment.

Fonda first met Perry when they shared a “very sexy dance” at a party 25 years ago, but since she was still married, nothing came of the flirtation.

A few years ago, following Fonda’s divorce from media mogul Ted Turner, Perry approached mutual friend Carrie Fisher and requested a fix-up.

The three-time divorcée denied, however, that the couple are secretly married or engaged: “No, no, no. I’m not going to get married again.”

Fonda also shared simple exercises from her new “Prime Time” workout series, due in stores Nov. 30. The actress, who is writing a book on aging, is convinced that continued movement is key to aging well.

“It’s not just for your body and muscles but for your brain,” she says.

The conversation took a more serious turn when Fonda talked about her mother’s suicide when she was 12. She also touched on her regrets about the sometimes distant way she parented her two biological children, Vanessa and Troy.

Learning that her mother had been sexually abused helped her understand her own life better. “And I’m a much better grandmother,” she promised.

Fonda played an interesting game of word association with Winfrey, as the talk-show host asked her to comment on various stars she has worked with in her career.

“Sad,” was all she said when shown a picture of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan.

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