UltraShape Receives CE Approval for VDF Multi-Focus Ultrasound

The Vertical Dynamic Focus (VDF™) Multi-Focus Ultrasound delivers higher acoustic energy and allows selective destruction of fat cells in various depths of the fat tissue. This advanced technology targets fat cells at a single or multiple depths of the fat layer simultaneously in a single pulse of energy. This allows for treatment of a larger volume of fat and provides a more customized body sculpting solution for a greater patient population.

“This innovative technology is unique to the UltraShape V3 platform as it is not available in any other non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting device in the world. Integrating the VDF multi-focus ultrasound technology allows for a more effective treatment to a wider audience “commented President and CEO of UltraShape Ltd.

VDF Key Benefits:

  • Treats multiple depths in a single pulse
  • Flexibility to treat focal depths from superficial to deep
    –  Superficial (7 mm)
    –  Medium (10 mm)
    –  Deep (15 mm)
  • Delivers higher peak acoustic energy and treats more fat volume per pulse
  • NEW! SuperMode – Using SuperMode targets three fat layers in two passes allowing maximum energy delivery at each focal depth. This mode enables increased energy and pulse duration in each layer of fat resulting in greater fat volume destruction and a natural feathering affect at the outer perimeter of the treatment area.

VDF Gross Pathology

Single Focus
VDF Multi-Focus
Immediate Fat Destruction
More Fat Volume Destruction
Per Pulse
VDF Clinical Results – Abdomen
2 weeks Post-treatment
2 weeks Post-treatment

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