Did Mariah Carey Have a Mommy Makeover?

January 5, 2012  by Carrie Zender

Mariah Carey’s advertisements for Jenny Craig have been making the rounds, but some fans suspect that Mariah’s miraculous weight loss after twins is due to a plastic surgery Mommy Makeover rather than the popular diet program.

41-year old Mariah Carey has had several possible plastic surgery procedures in the past, including a breast augmentation as well as laser liposuction to minimize the appearance of cellulite after breast augmentation.

Now it seems that she may be showing off results after tummy tuck recovery, rather than results entirely due to diet and exercise.

On his blog, OcBody plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia writes, ” Mariah looks really great, but it would unlikely as you have surmised that after a twin pregnancy that likely involved fertility treatments that she could get so flat so fast. The word “flat” makes me think tummy tuck. The shape of her belly button makes me think tummy tuck. It would have been a very nice tummy tuck although I like to make a vertical oval as a belly button. It is all a matter of opinion.”


“I am not saying that everyone could get as nice a result as she has had without diet and exercise in the mix. I just do not believe that that was all that was involved in her case. Jenny Craig is not going to want her to talk about surgery even if she would otherwise have been forthcoming. They like the inference they get by doing things the way they have.”


“And finally airbrushing and Photoshop for the covers? Yeah, why not?


Other plastic surgeons agree that something is unusual about Mariah Carey’s belly button and agree that she’s had a tummy tuck.

“I think so!  She claims to have lost a total of 60-70 lbs after giving birth to twins 7 months ago.  Mariah looks amazing.  Her tummy is completely flat and there is no excess skin anywhere, including above her strangely round belly button.”


“I’ve seen a lot of patients who’ve had twins.  Although the population I see for tummy tucks is skewed (people who have excess abdomen skin), I think it’s highly unlikely that Mariah became as flat and stretch-mark free as she is after having twins without a plastic surgeon’s help.  In addition, her belly button looks like a “tummy tuck belly button.”  I suspect that she underwent a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) a few months ago.”


“Although it’s her business whether or not she underwent this surgery, I do think it’s a bit disingenuous to be a paid spokesperson for a diet plan when you’ve secretly had body contouring surgery.”

Dr. David Shafer, celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City says,  “My guess is photoshop and not surgery.  Even though she had twins, it is very possible that her skin contracted nicely.  The photo is not high definition but from what I can see it does not look operated on. ”

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “A woman’s body is never the same after pregnancy- especially twins.  The abdominal muscles separate and may not rebound as tight as they were.  Part of what a tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty achieves is that the abdominal muscles are sutured back together creating that hour glass curve to the waist.  The fact that Mariah’s abdomen is quite straight leads me to believe that she did not have a tummy tuck.   She appears to have worked really hard through diet and exercise to get her body back in such great shape.  Congrats to Mariah!”

Makemeheal.com hopes that Mariah Carey ‘fesses up about her possible plastic surgery and congratulates her on her weight loss.

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