Natalie Portman’s nose and Scarlett Johansson’s lips: The face of the ‘ideal woman’ according to plastic surgeons’ most popular requests

By  Daisy Dumas

Allow us to introduce a version of the ‘perfect woman’ – or at least her face. And, if she looks a little too good to be true, that’s because she is.

Australia’s Marie Claire magazine has come up with their image of the ideal woman, plucking the best features of some of the world’s most famous celebrities and composing them into one, strangely recognisable, ensemble.

Using data from leading surgeons around the world, the team have pulled together the most requested celebrity looks as received by plastic surgery experts in the past 12 months

Perfection? Marie Claire Australia has summed up the ideal woman according to the most-requested looks received by plastic surgeons

Perfection? Marie Claire Australia has summed up the ideal woman according to the most-requested looks received by plastic surgeons

Published in the April edition of the glossy magazine, the rendition of the unreal woman suggests that looks can indeed be bought.

Mad Men beauty January Jones has cheeks that are hankered after, while Anne Hathaway’s eyes are a winner.

Natalie Portman’s small, streamlined nose is chosen above all others and paired with Scarlett Johansson’s mouth – her famous full pout attracting the attention of the cosmetic patients.

Halle Berry’s sculpted jawline was chosen as the ideal way to shape a face, while, though not a cosmetic procedure option, the image was finished with the blonde, gently curling tresses of country singer, Taylor Swift.

No mention of skin complexion, forehead, eyebrows or teeth is made, never mind the rest of the body, though most of the ‘ideal’ looks may be recreated using face lifts, fillers and rhinoplasty.

All of the features come from of-the-moment American A-listers – suggesting that fashions and trends must in part influence the choices.

The oldest of the women who have the privilege of owning the features is Ms Berry at 45 and the youngest is Ms Swift at 22.

In Australia, women will spend $850 million on modifying their looks and bodies, while in 2009, Americans spent a staggering $10 billion on cosmetic procedures, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The Marie Claire image raises questions over whether beauty is as simple as surgery – and, if so, where will the quest for perfect looks end?

While we wouldn’t mind looking like the composite, we can’t help feeling all of the features look better in their original homes, as nature intended.

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