Question: I just went through a divorce; is this a good time to have plastic surgery?

Answer: We mark the times of our lives by transitions. Many people take  these times of transition to make other types of changes to themselves,  specifically cosmetically. They are often looking to rejuvenate, renew and  refresh. And let’s face it, plastic surgery is more about  confidence-building than anything else.

Not surprisingly, it is helpful to do what you can to increase your confidence  during times of change. We have found that patients tend to have the  following plastic surgery during times of transition:

DIVORCE. We see requests for facial work — eyes, neck and face lifts, and even  cosmetic breast surgery or liposuction.

After CHILDBIRTH, we see the “Mommy Makeovers” — tummy tucks, breast lifts and  breast augmentations.

For the BIG DECADE BIRTHDAYS. It depends on the decade!

For WEDDINGS (depending on who’s getting married), we see brides doing breast  augmentation and liposuction, and the mothers-of-the bride doing facelifts,  eyelid surgery, and injectables.

For CLASS REUNIONS, it’s usually facial work with face, neck and eyelid  surgery, injectables, and even some liposuction or breast augmentation.

For those GRADUATING, it may be breast augmentation or even rhinoplasty.

For the JOB SEARCH/CHANGE, it’s also facial work with surgeries and  injectables.

Despite the refreshing changes plastic surgery can make it, will not fix a  broken marriage or lock in a new job. However, once you have decided you are  making a life change, we are there to help you go through it looking and  feeling your most confident, so you can be the best “you” when it matters  most!


One Response to “Question: I just went through a divorce; is this a good time to have plastic surgery?”

  1. Dane Hughes Says:

    The term plastic surgery is a general term referring to manual or instrumental treatment or operation performed for aesthetic or functional reasons or purposes.

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