New Feature: “Conversations in the treatment room”

“Conversations in the treatment room: week 1” Prospective patients always want to know which treatments we do on ourselves and which ones we like. In a casual conversation a lot can be said about what we do and what we are passionate about without sounding pushy about our services, and gives insight on who we are as a team. This information is delivered in fun, lay-person, terms, like a girlfriend chatting about the latest thing you “just gotta try”.

 So Valerie and I are on our 6th Accent treatment, getting ourselves bikini ready for the summer that should arrive any day now, any day now… Now that the cellulite has disappeared from my outer thighs, thanks to Val, and we have half an hour left for our lunch, what else can we do? Like the cavalry decisively charging forward, we head to the treatment room: on to the lower buttocks! A woman’s body requires maintenance; even alpha women like Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley and I are not exempt. It is what it is: estrogen levels drop in the mid-thirties, resulting in damage to the collagen matrix that girdles the fat layer beneath the skin. As the saying goes” “90% of women have cellulite, the other 10% think they have it”

Nadine Medical esthetician at Cosmedica

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