Aurelie’s Breast Surgery Journey!

Hello everyone my name is Aurelie and I work for Dr.Benchetrit.


The reason for my blog is to let you know that I am getting breast surgery in 3 days with Dr.B. I want to share my experience before and after the surgery. I will start with the fact that I have lost almost 100 pounds in a year so my breast are really not what they used to be so that’s why I decided to get a breast lift with implants ( mastopexy with gel implants).


My surgery in on June 14th so in 3 days!!! I feel exited, nervous and I cant wait plus I know I am in great hands with Dr.Benchetrit!!!


So I will be posting my little journey of before and after my surgery and hopefully it will help some of the women out there understand better breast surgery and that you do it for you and not for anybody else! J


If ever any of you would like to ask me questions it will be my pleasure to answer them online or call me at the Clinic 514-695-7450.


Aurelie. J

One Response to “Aurelie’s Breast Surgery Journey!”

  1. Maryse Says:

    I had my breast augmentation May 2010 & it was the best thing I ever did. I went from a 32A to a 32D & it looks so natural, no one ever asked me if I had my breast done. People just said WOW you look great. I finally can just walk in a store & buy the bra I like.

    This was my gift to me from me, best gift ever 🙂

    The surgery itself was easy & so was the recovery. 3 days after I was at my dance class (OK didn’t lift my arms over my head but still I could get around no problem)

    Good luck Aurelie

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