Aurelie’s Breast Surgery Journey! Tomorrow’s the big day!

OK people Tmrw is the big day : my surgery and I am sooooo exited, I am nervous only because I have been waiting for almost a year for this surgery but I am really not nervous about going under general anesthesia and also I trust Dr.Benchetrit at 110% because I have seen his work and he is really the “boob Doctor” lol so I know the results are going to be amazing!!!


So I have prepared myself for tmrw at the hospital to bring loose clothes with a zipper, I took off my nail polish on fingers and toes, and you need to have someone to bring you so my driver will be my mom!!! I can’t wait to feel confident again in tops and feel good about my breast because like I have said I am doing this for me to feel better with my breast so this feeling will be Priceless!


You will always have those friends or family members that will tell you don’t do it you don’t need it!!! They don’t know how you feel, they don’t know how your confidence goes down just because of this!


So I will keep u guys updated on how my recovery is going J


Bye for now xoxox





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