Miami Plastic Surgeon Operates on His Own Face And Releases Video Documenting the Procedure

Dr. Rian A. Maercks, Miami Beach plastic surgeon to celebrities in the know, released a video today that shares a prized secret of beautiful faces he has treated everywhere, “aesthetic facial balancing.” The video can be described as riveting shock value followed up by insightful meaning. The raw gritty attraction: watching a high profile plastic surgeon humbly evaluating his face and watching him place needles in his own face and inject his reflection. Once the overwhelmingly visceral experience of this sight has passed to the background, a second watch reveals something even more powerful and compelling.

Rian Maercks

Dr. Rian Maercks

Quote startI can’t afford to look ‘done’ and neither can my patientsQuote end

Miami Beach, Florida (PRWEB) August 13, 2012

This is a movie made by a believer that yearns to share. It seems Dr. Maercks wants us to realize there is still art and beauty to be found in the world of plastic surgery. The love, dedication and pride that this surgeon has for his field is impossible to ignore, a glimpse shines through even in this short video. The unique and shocking movie’s motivations were many, but at the forefront was patient education. “It is so difficult for people to understand what a good aesthetic intervention might be for them when they are bombarded by propaganda from practitioners and companies alike. I have to undo a lot of erroneous propagated beliefs before the meaningful consultation can even begin” Dr. Maercks explains. Dr. Maercks hopes that viewing this mini- documentary before consulting with him or receiving treatments will ease anxiety and facilitate the doctor patient relationship.

From the outsiders experience this movie resembles much more. It is not only an amazing spectacle seeing the plastic surgeon as patient but it is an awakening to the idea that there is much more to be offered then mass marketed products, there is an art of plastic surgery. Dr. Maercks injects thirty-five syringes of Juvederm into his own face surprisingly not because he wants to convince patients to partake in this intervention but to show us that truly overdone doesn’t have to look overdone. He explains that “a patient can look overdone with one syringe or natural with thirty-five, it is all technique judgement and vision.” In this newly released video, the viewer is captured, shocked and truly compelled. Questions linger including ‘how many beautiful natural faces that I have seen have benefited from this artist?’

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