Surgeons see a rise in male breast reduction procedures

There have been many reports in the media about the number of men going under the knife to improve their looks in recent years. As the stigma surrounding plastic surgery continues to decrease, it’s likely that surgeons will see more male patients coming in for a little nip and tuck.

In the UK, this trend is already evident – 790 men underwent male breast reduction surgery in 2011, more than twice the amount that sought out the procedure five years earlier, according to the BBC. In the US, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) shows that roughly 17,645 men underwent gynecomastia surgery, making it the fourth most popular procedure for men.

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes males to develop breast tissue, which can result in discomfort and tenderness around the nipples and adversely affect one’s self esteem. According to the news source, it often develops in adolescent boys as they’re going through puberty, but as many as 30 percent of those who suffer from the condition are older men.

“I think the first time I realized I was kind of different, I was probably eight or nine in primary school. We went swimming and realized I thought that my chest looks slightly different to the other boys,” Ayo Adesina, who received male breast reduction surgery, told the news source. “It was very, very, very annoying. Everyone in the changing rooms would say ‘Ayo, look at your little boobs’ and stuff like that, which was kind of hurtful. When I would look in the mirror, it does bother you, so I decided it was time to do something about it.”

Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about gynecomastia that may make life even more difficult for those who have the condition. Many people believe that the breasts form due to poor diet and lack of exercise, but in reality, they can be caused by a number of factors, from medication side effects to hormone imbalances. This misunderstanding may prompt more men to seek out the surgery.

According to ASAPS, gynecomastia affects anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of the male population. Sometimes it may only affect one breast, causing an asymmetrical appearance. To remove the excess fatty tissue, some doctors may use liposuction, which will leave very few small scars behind. Results are permanent, and most patients can return to work within one week, depending on their job.

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