10 days to Spring Break! #1

Day 1: Getting “bikini ready” for your vacation
If you are American, chances are that you are getting ready for spring break. If you are Canadian, than March break is soon around the corner, unless you live in Nunavut and enjoy “professional improvement week” instead. Yes, ‘tis the week in March when school’s out and parents of young children either scramble to book day camps or resignedly take time off.

If you are a college student, you might be looking forward to fun in the sun.

No matter who you are, chances are that you’re excited yet a bit nervous about the prospect of baring your sun-starved self in a bikini.
The next 9 posts will cover popular concerns patients have this time of year. Stay tuned for very important advice that will help you prevent future skin problems while traveling and keep you looking your best. If you are looking for more personalized information, than a free consultation at Cosmedica with a medical esthetician or nurse is what you need. Embark on this little journey with us and count this day as the first day of the rest of your life. At Cosmedica, we usually celebrate by taking a before picture.

The first topic will cover a concern shared by 99% of women: Cellulite.

Until tomorrow, be safe; wear sunscreen.

Nadine Harvey
Medical Esthetician

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