10 Days to Spring Break! #3

US-before-afterDay 3 post: Ultrashape for those stubborn lumps and bulges

We’ve tackled cellulite in “Velashape for cellulite”. [N1] Now that the ripples and dimples are gone, you still want more, reduction that is.

2 weeks left before departure to the warm countries and you still haven’t figured out how to minimize the excess luggage you don’t like on your mid-section. Preparing months ahead of time of working out and dieting may still not get you the results in body shaping you are looking for. Don’t get me wrong, diet and exercise are crucial to lead a healthy life; but losing weight will only turn a big pear-shaped body into a small pear-shaped body. There is no such thing as spot reduction in a gym or diet book; only spot toning and overall reduction. Unfortunately, fat distribution is largely regulated by hormones. This is why men and women complain of “that spot right here” that just won’t go.

You may still have time for a little liposuction, or you may be looking for a non-invasive alternative like Ultrashape[N2] . As with treating cellulite, it is possible to see results as early as 2 weeks after an UltraShape treatment to reduce fatty deposits in areas such as the abdomen, “love handles” or “saddlebags” (thighs) . Ultrashape is pulsed, focused ultrasound that delivers selective and permanent fat cell destruction. This simple, safe and painless “walk-in,walk-out” procedure has been used at Cosmedica by over 600 patients since 2007. In 2010 we were the first clinic in the world to receive the new UltraShape V3, the latest version of this device that allows a patient to achieve even more reduction in one single session. There is no downtime, no bruising, just homogenous and controlled fat destruction throughout the entire targeted treatment area.

If you haven’t purchase a bikini cover up yet, don’t worry yourself with it and come to Cosmedica for a free Ultrashape consultation.

If you’re thinking now of buying a shawl for your shoulders instead, wait! Read tomorrow’s post on tightening flabby under arms.

Till then, be safe; wear sunscreen.

Nadine Harvey
Medical Esthetician

One Response to “10 Days to Spring Break! #3”

  1. Mary Louise Bortolin Says:

    very interesting! my problem ops flabby arms and extra fat (buldge) on my hip….

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