10 Days to Spring Break! #5

Brunette-flowerDay 5 post: SilkPeel / Chemical peels to smooth skin
Every one dreams of that smooth sun kissed skin against a backdrop of turquoise ocean. The only thing shiny is the sunlight bouncing from the pool onto your flawless skin, not your t-zone. The question I’m always asked is; “how early before leaving on vacation do I start treating my skin and when is the cutoff time before stopping?” A lot of skin treatments can make the skin sensitive to U.V light. My answer is always, it depends on how aggressive the treatment is and how good you are with sun protection. After all, Floridian ladies receive skin peels all year round and it’s always sunny down there. Skin and the way it responds to specific combinations of treatment is very complex, but also very interesting. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to effective skin treatments, including SilkPeel , chemical peels and laser peels. This is why an initial skin consultation at Cosmedica is very important before choosing any treatment. During this informative meeting your ideal treatment plan will be mapped out for you, including hygiene and home care tips. One of the mildest peels we offer at Cosmedica is the SilkPeel. Done on the face and body, it can be tailored to any skin type and is a great preparation for any event. This procedure is like a spring cleaning for your skin; your pores are vacuumed out, dead skin cells are removed to reveal a fresh, clean and smooth complexion. The permeability of the skin is increased following this deep exfoliation so it will better absorb topical treatments as well. Anywhere bumps and black heads are seen, SilkPeel will go, like the back and arms. Now your skin is ready to face the sun, sea and that gentle touch…

Tomorrow we will talk about Injectables to help your face match your mood.
Until then, be safe, wear sunscreen.

Nadine Harvey
Medical Esthetician

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