10 Days to Spring Break! #6

botox-postDay 6 post: Injectables to help your face match your mood!

Did you ever notice candid pictures taken of people frowning in the sun? We don’t realize how we look when we frown or squint until we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the rearview mirror or in a photo. Let’s just say it’s not a picture you would accept tagging on Facebook. It’s important to understand what exactly is going on inside our face when we squint in the sun. To help us, we have Valerie, one of our injection nurses explain to us the mechanism of a wrinkle.

Let’s talk about the very common frown lines between the brows. This is called the glabella area, where is a group of muscles push your brows together and create a frown, called an “active wrinkle”. These muscles can be blocked with Botox, so the frown is “stopped” and the skin on top smoothes out. The effect is a relaxed, stress-free look, like after a vacation. Your friends will tell you “you look good” but won’t know exactly why.

What happens when a deep fold exists in the skin and is apparent even while not frowning? This is called a “passive wrinkle”. After the area has been relaxed with Botox, dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can be used to fill in the crease.

The fastest way to treat wrinkles with the least amount of downtime is with injectables. These take only a few minutes and most people can go right back to work or their usual activities. As our nurse Valerie says,”Botox is prevention, like a vaccine against wrinkles”.

Tomorrow we will talk about getting rid of unsightly hair!
Until then, be safe, wear sunscreen.

Nadine Harvey
Medical Esthetician

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