10 days to Spring Break! #7

lslDay 7 post: Laser hair removal
As snow birds, we like to groom our feathers (or remove them) before heading down south. Shaving can be an annoyance everyday and waxing can leave you with ingrown hairs, not to mention stubbly growth between sessions. A more permanent solution like laser hair removal avoids all that stress and fuss. For over a decade, Cosmedica has been performing safe and effective laser hair removal in a medical environment. Over the years, the LightSheer laser, the recognized “Gold Standard” in laser hair removal, has improved its technology consistently which now allows for much faster and less painful treatments. Only 4 to 6 treatments are needed to achieve 70 to 95% permanent hair reduction. From your first session, you will enjoy the freedom of hairlessness and smooth skin. Receiving a laser treatment a few days before a trip will ensure much less hair growth while you are gone. Just make sure to wear sunscreen.

Here are a few more important tips:
1. Exfoliate the area well before your first treatment as light will penetrate better when excess layers of dead skin cells are removed.
2. Keep your skin moisturized before and after the treatment to avoid dry itchy skin.
3. Don’t exfoliate until a week post treatment as the skin may be sensitive. Exfoliation is most important when the hairs start growing out again. If there is a lot of hard dead skin cells obstructing the hair follicles, then new hairs can curl back up under the skin to form ingrown hairs.
4. Wear sunscreen immediately after your treatment and every day until all your treatments are complete. This is still important in the winter or on cloudy days as harmful U.V rays can still cause damage.
5. If you are going on vacation and still tan after wearing sunscreen, that’s ok. For your subsequent treatment, book it as far as possible within the appropriate time frame to give your skin enough time to pale out a bit more.
6. If you have skin that gets very dark in the sun and stays dark for a long time, other precautions should be taken and can be discussed during your consultation.

If you are running around preparing for your trip, don’t bother packing the razors. Instead book a free laser hair removal consultation at Cosmedica. No more checking and adjusting when sitting crossed legged in the sand with your kids!

Tomorrow we will talk about what to bring along with you on your trip for your skin!
Until then, be safe, wear sunscreen.

Nadine Harvey
Medical Esthetician

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