10 Days to Spring Break! #8

Sun protectionPost 8; What to bring on the trip and what to do to preserve your skin
Leaving on a trip is exciting! Preparing for it should be fun, if you are not doing it last minute. If you’ve done everything right, then waking up at a ridiculous hour to make your flight will put a smile on your face. So as you creep out into the night to load your friend’s car that will drive you to the airport, you will mentally go through the list of things stuffed in the trunk, knowing nothing is forgotten.

So much to do and so much to bring! As for your skin care routine, keeping it simple will make it doable. Apart from your cleanser and toner here is a list of impactful products that will help preserve your skin:

1. SPF 50 or 30 will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Apart from the obvious sunburn and skin cancer risks, the sun is responsible for over 50% of extrinsic (non-genetic) aging! These are good reasons to wear sunscreen, but are you doing it right? As a general rule, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours and after coming out of the pool.
2. Topical Vitamin C neutralizes free radical activity in the dermal structure of the skin, increases antioxidant capacity and protects collagen. Infrared radiation accounting for 54% of the total solar energy reaching the skin. Most of this radiation penetrates the dermis beyond the light range UV filters can protect. For ultimate photoaging protection, pair a topical antioxidant with a broad spectrum sunscreen.
3. Creams or serums targeting redness and inflammation will help sooth irritations and burns if need be. Ingredients like neuropeptides help reverse signs of inflammation, redness and swelling; hexamidine is a great antimicrobial ingredient and red algae extract vasoconstricts the capillaries responsible for rosacea.
4. Lastly, I would never travel without a gentle exfoliating gommage. Vacationing down south means exposing your skin to different climates; leaving the cold winter to go into recirculated airplane cabin air and exiting into humid tropical air. This can leave your skin tired-looking. Enzymes in the right medium will smooth the epidermis and the movement will stimulate microcirculation to give you a fresh look.

What you do out of office will help maintain treatments you do in-office. We want you to leave happy and come back happy. Souvenirs you don’t want to bring back are wrinkles and mottled pigmentation. So book your free consultation at Cosmedica, where you will find the right formula for your skin.

Tomorrow we will talk about whether your IPL should be done before or after your trip!
Until then, be safe, wear sunscreen.

Nadine Harvey
Medical Esthetician

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