Real Questions, Real Answers From Dr.Benchetrit – High Arched Brow After Botox in Glabella and Forehead?

I had Botox in my glabella and forehead regions approximately one week ago and now I have one brow that arches significantly higher than the other when I raise them. It looks like I have more movement in that side of my forehead as well. Can they fix this? Where would they inject to fix this?

“Botox and “Spocking

“After injecting Botox in the forehead, having one or both eyebrows arching higher or “Spocking” (i.e. Mr. Spock in “Star Trek”) can occur. This can easily be corrected with a small (1 or 2 untis) amount of Botox injected in the forehead on the over-arched side. You should see your doctor about this and he or she will likely correct this on the spot. They can also plan for a prophylactic “anti-Spock” forehead injection at your next Botox treatment in 4 months.”



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