Real Questions, Real Answers From Dr.Benchetrit – Spanx and Thermage

Spanx/support Wear After Thermage for Legs and Buttocks?

After I had thermage done on my buttocks and the back/sides of my upper-thighs, I was told to try to wear Spanx for 3 weeks, but if I didn’t want to wear it to certain places/events, that would be ok. I was just curious, what purpose does this serve, and how important is it? Thank you in advance!

“There have not been any studies showing that the use of Spanx would improve the results of Thermage. The idea may be to protect neocollagen and elastin being formed in a tighter matrix in the skin. It wouldn’t hurt trying. Spanx would be to your buttocks and thighs what a bra is to the breasts. Wearing a bra everyday helps prevent some stretching and damage gravity would cause in the long term. Unfortunately, wearing a bra doesn’t completely prevent skin slackening. let us know how it works for you. Good luck!”

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