Real Questions, Real Answers From Dr.Benchetrit –What’s the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine?

The clinics near me offer a number of different laser machines. names like Light Sheer, IPL, Yag, Duet, Cool Glide.  What do the medical expert here think works.

“We obtained a new LightSheer Duet laser about 1 year ago, to replace our regular LightSheer Diode. The Duet is a huge leap forward for laser hair removal. Not only is it five times faster but the comfort level is significantly better. Not a single patient has complained of pain or discomfort with this laser. The results have been excellent on all skin types and many patients who were reluctant to treat large areas, such as the legs, chest and back, have gone ahead with this laser mainly because it is so tolerable and fast. Like other lasers, however, it does not work on blonde or white hair.

We have been doing laser hair removal in my practice for nearly 12 years. In that time, we have tested almost every type of laser there is, including the Alexandrite, NdYag, Coolglide, IPL etc. We and our patients agreed years ago that the LightSheer Diode was the best overall laser in terms of efficacy, comfort and speed. The new Duet sets the bar even higher and is the first laser I have obtained that has generated emails from patients thanking me for getting it.”

While no laser can guarantee the same results on every patient and skin type, most of the modern lasers do a very good job. The main difference between them is patient comfort and speed.”

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