What are the hidden dangers of plastic surgery

It is a frightening trend, and a fact that more plastic surgery procedures are being performed by doctors that may not be qualified.

I could even perform brain surgery in my office if a patient was foolish enough to agree to it, but I would not do so because I’m not properly trained to do it.” Said Dr. Braun H. Graham of Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center in Sarasota.

“As long as you’re a doctor you can perform any procedure that you want to do in the confines of your office.” Said Dr. Scott J. Engel, also of Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Graham Added, “It’s legal in the State of Florida to perform surgery in your office if the patient is willing to submit themselves to the procedure.”

This information came too late for Julie Rubenzer, who died in 2003 following a breast augmentation performed in Sarasota

“The problem we have here in town is we have untrained people in the operating room helping the doctor” Said Dr. James W. Marsh, of James W.Marsh M.D.P.A., Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, “And, they weren’t trained well enough to take care of the problem when the problem came up.”

More recently 44 year-old Christine Patterson of Sarasota is charged with practicing medicine without a license, accused of performing a post-operative procedure on a patient after a cosmetic surgery.

So what should you know to protect yourself?

“Make sure that it says the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (C.S.A.P.S), , “Said Dr. Engel, “and that they see that symbol, if that’s not on there then they need to question whether or not that person is adequately trained to do these procedures.”

Check that your surgeon is affiliated with a hospital. it could make a difference between life and death.

Dr. Engel said, “Hospital have the highest standards of any practice and so they need to make sure that you are qualified to do these procedures” and, Dr Marsh added,”And they’re going to require you to have training to pass boards and to be monitored before you start working in their hospital.”

If your procedure is performed at a private center, make sure that its accredited. Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (C.S.A.P.S), or AHCA is one of the certifications you can look for. But, here’s one of the top things you need to know.

“The biggest red flag would probably be saying that they are board certified but not saying what they’re board certified in.” Said Dr. Engel.

So, when choosing a plastic surgeon do your research and don’t be scared to ask questions.

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