More women under 30 getting Botox injections

•By: Katie Johnson

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – It’s a party in Palm Beach Gardens on a Wednesday night complete with champagne, but it’s not your average party. The party was for women interested in learning more about Botox. And that’s not the only thing that made the party different. All of the women at the party were under the age of 30.

Liz Plummer, 28, hosted the party. She invited some friends to learn about Botox injections.

An Estetica employee talked to the group encouraging the main reason the women say they were there.

“If you prevent the wrinkles from forming, then you won’t have to maintain them when you’re older,” she said.

Plummer has gotten Botox injections several times over the past three years.

“I’ve been making this terrible face since I was a little girl. Anytime I didn’t get my way I’d do this,” she scowled as she explained her reasoning. “And so over the years I had a frown line and it started to bother me, probably started to bother me when I was 20 or 21.”

Plastic Surgeon Greg DeLange says he’s seeing more young women come to his office for Botox. He says his youngest patient is 19.

“Quite commonly, women will have wrinkles at an early age,” DeLange explained. “They will form frown lines, they’ll form little crow’s feet and little forehead lines. Some women have a lot and some women don’t have any. The ones that are bothered by it come in early.”

Doctors say this trend among younger women started over the past couple of years. They say the main reason behind it is to take preventative action.

“We can basically stop the clock so you don’t have to reverse the clock years down the road,” DeLange said.

DeLange says there are things young women should watch for if considering Botox.

“The doctor should take their time evaluating the patient,” he said.

He says women should be concerned if the doctor gives them unrealistic expectations or try to push them into having a procedure they’re not comfortable to have.

Botox costs $300 for an area of your face. The effects of it can last up to six months.

Dr. DeLange says it’s safe even at a young age and you shouldn’t have any long-term ill effects.

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