Plastic surgery practice caters to men with procedures like “Bro-tox”

CBS NEWS November 6, 2014, 1:53 PM

They call it Marina ManLand — a place for men to have plastic surgery in an atmosphere that caters to their particular needs and masculine tastes.

ManLand in Marina del Rey, California, is a man cave for men who’ve just had their tummies tucked or wrinkles smoothed over. It’s the brainchild of Grant Stevens, founder of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

CBS Los Angeles reporter Juan Fernandez got a sneak peek before its official opening on Thursday.

The entire facility was designed with men in mind. Treatment rooms go by names like The Lion’s Den, The Bear’s Lair and The Doghouse.

“It’s all about guys,” said Stevens. “It’s making guys feel good about looking great.”

Stevens said he’s seeing more male patients than ever before, so he set up this combination medical office, spa, sports bar and smoking lounge where men could feel comfortable while having treatments.

Like Botox in this office is “Bro-tox.”

“We do Bro-tox, we do fillers, we do laser hair removal,” says Stevens. “We do all kinds of facial things that tighten the face.”

There is also body contouring to remove fat pockets from those hard-to-shape areas. They also do hair restoration for the follically challenged (aka bald).

“I want this to be to an area where men feel comfortable, at ease, where they feel like they’re using their time wisely,” said Stevens.

Some of the rooms even pipe in a new-car leather smell.

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