Women have been battling cellulite for years. While Endermologie is a preferred treatment for those unsightly dimples these days, this cosmetic innovation has only been around since the late 1970s, gaining international reputation a decade later.

Years before Endermologie, women in Europe dealt with cellulite by less technological means. They went to a masseuse to knead that cellulite away. The massage would entail a session of deep squeezing, prodding, rubbing and grinding with expert palms and fingers to break down the pockets of trapped toxins, fat and fluids that cellulite is comprised of. This stimulated blood flow to the area so that the body could gradually get rid of the cellulite by its own waste processes. Needless to say, a cellulite massage was quite intense and often left the treated area bruised and battered. But, according to reports, it did apparently work.

Endermologie basically works on the same premise, but is performed by a patented device. There may be some bruising and discomfort, but most likely not as much as a massage performed by a masseuse.

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Disclaimer: This blog or article is for information purpose only, and should not be treated as professional advice or price protection guarantee.

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