Woman Has 10 Plastic Surgeries, Is Promoted to CEO

K. Mathews on 22 Dec 2011 at 11:00amCEO 10 plastic surgery

Will cosmetic enhancements help advance your career? That’s the experience of one 55-year-old woman who had 10 plastic surgeries, which not only overhauled her look, but her professional trajectory as well. In an anonymous interview with O Magazine, she credits her physical changes in elevating her from a mere employee to a full-fledged CEO.

You might not expect someone to be taken more seriously following a boob job (amongst other procedures), but this woman says looking great got her attention from executives who suddenly wanted to include her in exciting new projects. Consequently, she considers the time and money put into the surgeries an investment toward greater overall success and makes no apologies for her approach.

“I’m the same person I was before the surgeries,” the CEO, who asked to remain anonymous, says. “But now I looked like a bombshell in addition to being really good at my work, and it definitely opened up more opportunities. That’s when I began to think of the surgeries as an asset and an investment.”

It’s something that RealSelf posters are considering as well. When Dallas2550 rejoined the workforce at 59, she had a Lifestyle Lift and now “would not have changed that decision for anything.” Another reader makes the case that insurance should cover her Botox treatments since her deep wrinkles “affect [her] ability get good paying jobs,” though the doctors warn that’s a lost cause.

Job website Glassdoor has some tips, surgically and otherwise, on how to improve your appearance to land a better job. If this all strikes you as a bit sexist, rest assured that men are going under the knife to boost their careers, too.

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