10 Days Spring Break: Post 10 in closing : Maintenance

We’ve come to the end of this blog series on what can be done in the weeks before a trip to get bikini ready. You look and feel great! Other than following my advice in post 8 on what to bring on your trip, there is nothing different you can do now except smile and enjoy the ride!
I do have one little regret; I did not tell you about Latisse[N1] 8 to 12 weeks ago. I am telling you about it now because bikini season in Montreal will creep up on us faster than we can say; “I need an Ultrashape treatment!” Latisse is a topical drug applied daily to the lash line to increase the length, thickness and darkness of the eyelashes. It takes about 8 weeks to see the effects. No need to worry about leaky mascara in the pool. Now is the time to plan for Latisse. Call for your free consultation at Cosmedica the minute you get back from your trip!
My last words are on maintenance. Our bodies undergo constant change and are affected by the way we eat, sleep, and move as well as by so many external factors. Maintaining a healthy and beautiful body and skin will require regular follow up consultations to reassess your needs. At Cosmedica, the nurses and medical estheticians derive great satisfaction in following our patients through the different phases of their life and in helping them look their best at any age. Call us for your free consultation, it will be our pleasure to meet with you and discuss your esthetic enhancement interests.
Until then, be safe and wear sunscreen!

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