Waste key to youth -RECYCLED FAT

Waste key to youth -RECYCLED fat from liposuction patients could be the key to slowing the ageing process, according to a world-leading plastic surgeon. Millions of litres of “fat” – or adipose tissue – from weight-loss surgery are thrown away every year. But according to Prof Peter Rubin, who briefed local scientists in Melbourne, the discarded tissue could be transformed into anything from bones to heart muscle – and even slow the ageing process. “This is the stuff that we throw away, but I call it liquid gold,” Prof Rubin said. “Adipose tissue is really a rich source of adult stem cells.” The potential of these multi-purpose cells includes the holy grail of the cosmetics industry, he believes.” There’s interest in using these fat cells to offset signs of ageing, and there are two ways that can happen,” Prof Rubin said. “As we age, we lose volume, especially in the face. “One line of thinking is that if we can introduce these fat stem cells into the fat tissue of the face, it can help preserve that volume and offset signs of ageing. “The second way is that potentially these (complete fat) cells are introduced directly under the skin to help skin look more youthful.” Prof Rubin, from the University of Pittsburgh and chairman of the International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics and Science, said the treatment would be “very easy” to perform, if proven effective in trials. He said initial trials would involve a patient’s own fat cells, but believed anti-ageing products could eventually be made using fat from other liposuction patients. Contact Dr. Benchetrit, your plastic surgeon in Montreal and the team at COSMEDICA for information about all the options available at (514) 695-7450. Look out for our monthly specials- March *ACCENT – Buy package of 6 for $1500 and get 2 free *THERMAGE-20% off your first treatment *DUET AND ULTRASHAPE- 10% off your first treatment *See details certain conditions may apply

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