Deciding if Plastic Surgery is for You

Let’s say you’ve often thought of changing something about your body. Perhaps you’ve never liked your nose, maybe you would secretly like to have a facelift, or it could be that you’ve always wondered how much better you’d feel if your breasts were larger.

This ArticleVote Improved My Health Vote Changed My Life Vote Saved My Life Is plastic surgery an option for you, or should you put it out of your mind for once and for all?

The step from thinking about cosmetic surgery to considering it seriously is a big one. The Mayo Clinic, a very trustworthy source of health information, suggests you consider these factors.

Expectations: Examine your expectations of cosmetic surgery carefully. Know that the procedure you’re considering will give you improvement, not a major transformation. It won’t suddenly qualify you to be a runway model nor make you look like you did in high school twenty years ago. Neither can plastic surgery land you a job or a sweetheart.

Expense: Plastic surgery is generally not covered by insurance. Unless you suffered a traumatic injury, such as a broken nose, or can demonstrate medical necessity, like aches and pains from overly large breasts, you will have to shoulder all the costs of your procedure yourself.

Notice the word “costs.” Be aware that the fee your surgeon charges is just part of the tab. You’ll also have to pay for the surgical facility, the anesthesiologist, prescriptions and other pre- and post-surgery products and any tests you may need prior to the operation.

Risks: Even if you prepare properly for surgery, don’t smoke and are in good health, problems are still possible. Excess bleeding, swelling and infection are risks that are common to any surgical procedure. Cosmetic procedures can also result in adverse outcomes like asymmetry and persistent numbness. Research the risks of the particular procedure you’re considering thoroughly and think about whether they are acceptable to you.

Recovery: Your prospective surgeon can give you a general idea about what to expect during recovery—make sure you inquire about the specifics.

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