Canada Ranks 15th in Cosmetic Surgery Procedures- Internationally, lipoplasty remains the most performed procedure

Hanover – The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has released the results of the second International Study of Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery Procedures.

The 2011 study reveals a new hierarchy of countries with the most surgical and non-surgical aesthetic/cosmetic procedures performed by board certified (or the equivalent) plastic surgeons in 2010. The United States continues its dominance in the field, with Brazil having the second highest number of plastic surgeons, being second. Some countries not always associated as strongly with aesthetic plastic surgery are emerging as new resources for aesthetic plastic surgery.

The 25 countries with the highest number of total procedures are:

United States
South Korea
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia

Procedural Frequency Remains Unchanged

Lipoplasty remains the most performed procedure, representing 23% of total surgical procedures, followed by breast augmentation at 16%, blepharoplasty at 11.5%, rhinoplasty at 10.4%, and abdominoplasty at 7.2%. The popularity of surgical procedures varied by country with the United States, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico, and Italy the dominant countries for these top five surgical procedures.

Advances in non-surgical procedures, coupled with the desirability of less expensive treatments, correlated with the number of these procedures performed by plastic surgeons with the five leading procedures being: Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox and Dysport), Hyaluronic Acid, Autologous Fat, Laser Hair Removal, and IPL Laser Treatment. Five new countries appear on the list where these procedures are advancing in popularity as compared with 2010.

The most common surgical and non-surgical procedures in the top five ranked countries, the US, Brazil, China, Japan and India, are the same: Lipoplasty as the top ranked surgical procedure, and Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox and Dysport) as the top ranked Non-Surgical Procedure.

A new feature of the 2011 study includes average surgeons’ fees charged per procedure. The analysis weighted the averages based on the number of procedures performed in each country and the country’s average reported fee. Facelift remains the most expensive of the ten procedures reported. The study provides data on the average surgeons’ fees by procedure in the top five countries.

Grand Totals

The ISAPS survey reports several important statistics with regard to the total number of board certified (or national equivalent) plastic surgeons practicing globally, estimated to be 33,000. The total number of surgical procedures is projected to have increased to 9,462,391 and the number of non-surgical procedures is estimated at 9,095,434 bringing the combined worldwide total of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by board certified plastic surgeons to 18,557,825, up from the 2009 total of 17,295,557. These figures do not take into account surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by medical professionals and others who are not plastic surgeons.


“Calculating surgical and non-surgical procedures by properly trained plastic surgeons around the world was a challenging process,” said Dr. Sampaio Goes of Brazil, an ISAPS Past President and Chairman of the ISAPS Communications Committee responsible for oversight of this Survey. “We chose a respected survey company with extensive experience in plastic surgery. The results are credible and scientifically significant. Comparison with the previous year’s figures show modest trends that we will continue to watch with the planned 2012 survey.”

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