Aurelie’s Breast Surgery Journey!



So it’s been a while now since my operation (8 days) and I’ll update you about how it’s been. 

Day 1 – Operation day – As I said, it went well, a little towards the end but due to anesthesia. Dr.B was great and really reassured me throughout the process.  All went well without any vomiting. Hospital and staff was fantastic. Big thanks to my nurse Josée.  Any transitions (to lie down or get up) is very stiff (muscle pain) and causes a lot of pressure.

Day 2 – Sore, to be expected.  Tolerable pain still feeling the anesthesia. Very itchy where the incisions are. Transitions displacement still difficult.  Can’t wait for shower.  I don’t know why (perhaps meds or anesthesia makes you sweat) but my hair is very dirty.

Day 3 – Reaction to Dilaudid (Pain medication). Vomited, very tired, stayed in bed all day, not eating but lots of Gatorade. Still itchy & pressure during transitions

Day 4 – Stomach-wise better, both breasts sore (pressure pain), no pain were incisions were done. Itchy!

Day 5 – Stomach much better (must have gotten rid of anesthesia in my system).  Bra and tape causing much itchiness. Still transition issues

Day 6- Saw Dr.Benchetrit post op to take some of the bandages off. He was very pleased with the results. I had no bruising or leaking.  The incisions look great. My nipples are in the right place. I still have Steri strips that will eventually fall off on their own.  Now I can take a shower but without touching breasts! Yay!!

Day 7 – Tired du to lack of sleep since I’m always sleeping half sitting up and still sore.  Tired o being tired and sore!!

Day 8 – So far. Back at work.  More pain on left breast than right.  Since it’s hot very itchy. Saw Dr.B again and is very pleased with result.  Incision very nice.  Swelling is going down a bit.  Asked if I was please with size and I am.  I chose 370 cc’s which a full C size.


Here are some suggestions and comments about having this surgery:

You’ll get sick of lying down on your back.  Have lots to watch on tv or dvd’s.  Calculate 4 days to doing nothing at home with a mastopexie (lift) with implants.


You won’t be sleeping well so buy yourself specialty foam pillows if you can to make sure you are comfortable and allows you to be partially sitting while sleeping


At the en of all of this, having this surgery is priceless, honestly. I would do it again in a heartbeat. 


Make sure that you choose a size that you’re happy with so you don’t regret your choice. The implant trial with the nurse is invaluable.


I’m already seeing the results in my clothes and I’m loving it.



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